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Performance Mods

  • Piper Flap Hinge Cover Fairings
    $289.00 "Speed" Piper Flap Hinge Fairings
    (60-FLAP HINGE-18D) Product Number...Piper Flap Hinge Cover Fairings...Increases cruise speed 1-2 MPH...This flap hinge kit covers all six flap hinges.  (Eight on Seneca models).  Drag is reduced by moving air...

  • Increase your Piper aircraft speed with wing root fillets.
    $355.00 "Speed" Piper Wing Root Fillet Fairing Set
    (60-WR-28-32-34-18D) Product Number...Piper Wing Root, Fillet Fairings...Increase cruise speed 1-2 MPH by reducing interference drag at the wing to fuselage intersection.  By smoothing the sharp junction at the leading...

  •  Piper PA 28 Gear Lobe Fairing Kit :60-28LOB-18D
    $628.00 Piper PA 28 Gear Lobe Fairing Kit :60-28LOB-18D
    Product Number:  60-28LOB-18D  ... Piper PA 28 Gear Lobe Fairing Kit ...   Gear Lobe Fairing smoothes the air from behind the retracted mains.  Depending on aircraft model, speed...