Cessna 150, 152 Symmetrical Wing Tip (left or right) 26-0423008-3-80A, 0423008

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Product Number: 26-0423008-3-80A

Cessna 150/152 symmetrical wing tip (left or right)
Material: White ABS
FAA-PMA Approved
TAP PMA Part Number: 26-0423008-3-80A

Replaces OEM part number: 0423008-3, 0423008-3-791

Eligible Aircraft: Cessna 150F, G, H, J, F150F, G, H, J, A150K, L, M, 152, A152


Lighting, Light Retainers, Hardware, and aluminum edge strips are transferred from your original parts. They are not included.

A Manufacturer's "Certificate of Conformance" log book label is available to purchase with this product.