SEM plastic paint, See notes for the Cessna and Piper OEM interior plastic color.

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Product Number: 10-04-20B 

This product is easy to use aerosol, Plastic Color Refurbished 12 oz. 

This highly recommended product will restore the new look and color to your interior plastics. This is a paint designed to be flexible and shrink to a thin coating. It does not fill in the texture of a haircell plastic like a regular paint would. It makes the plastic look new and not like it is covered with a thick paint that would fill the texture. 

Use the color coat system to refinish interior vinyl's, and plastics.  Flexible paint recommended for plastics and vinyl's. Color coat will also coat steel and aluminum. 
Professional results are easy with this color system.   Takes approximately three coats. Dries to the touch in about ten minutes fully dry in approximately one hour.

You must use product number 10-38354. without this chemical prep the color spray adhesion is compromised.