Cessna Single Engine HID Cowl Mount Landing / Taxi Light Kit

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Product Number: 20-HID-C-002-18D

High Intensity Discharge (HID) aircraft landing and taxi light kit is approved for many Cessna Models with cowl mounted landing/taxi lights. The HID system replaces the existing landing and taxi lights with the latest technology lighting for your aircraft. An HID offers 5 times more light than the standard or LED lights while drawing only a fraction of the amperage.

Features include:
-  Easy step-by-step installation
-  Guaranteed as long as you own your aircraft
-  Superior latest generation electronics
-  Over 600,000 candle power

The HID system is so durable, it can be left on for recognition purposes during the entire flight! It's incredible intensity can be seen for miles, even during the day.

Approval Basis: Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA01834CH

Cessna Models:

180J, 180K

182P, 182Q, 182R, R182, TR182


U206F, U206G

210L, 210M, 210N, 210R, P210N, P210R 

337G, 337H, P337H