Piper PA28 Gear Lobe Fairing Kit, 60-28LOB-18D

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Product Number:  60-28LOB-18D

Piper PA28 Gear Lobe Fairing Kit

Gear Lobe Fairing smooths the air from behind the retracted mains.  Depending on aircraft model, speed increases are from 3-5 mph. They are made of a composite shell, filled with a "closed cell" urethane foam to keep them rigid in flight and moisture free.  Installation is simple and can be accomplished in less than 4 hours.

Due to their "Teardrop" shape and hidden attachment, these are the cleanest design on the market! 

The kit comes with all of the parts necessary to install them and is fully STC'd

Approval Basis: Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA1713GL

Material: Fiberglass
Finish: White primer, ready to paint
Eligible Aircraft: 

Piper PA28R-180, PA28R-200, PA28R-201, PA28R-201T, PA28RT-201, PA28RT-201T.