Piper PA-28 Right Front Door Window (60-782-18C) 63006-06, 66848-04

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Product Number: 60-782-18C

Piper PA-28 Right Front Door Window

FAA-PMA Approved

Thickness: .080"

Replaces OEM Part Number: 63006-06,66848-04

Eligible Aircraft: 

Piper PA-28-140 s/n 28-20002 thru 28-7625030
Piper PA-28-150, -160, -180 s/n 28-1 thru 28-4377
Piper PA-28-235 s/n 28-10003 thru 28-10719

PA-28-180 s/n 28-4378 thru 28-7205328
PA-28R-180 s/n 28R-30005 thru 28R-7130019
PA-28R-200 s/n 28R-35001 thru 28R-7135238

PA-32-260 s/n 32-1 thru 32-7300076
PA-32-300 s/n 32-40000 thru 32-7340201
SENECA PA-34-200 s/n 34-7250001 thru 34-7350363

PA-32-260 s/n 32-7400001 thru 32-7600001
PA-32-300 s/n 32-7440001 thru 32-7650029
PA-32R-300 s/n 32R-7680001 thru 32R-7680013

For variations consisting of thickness or color please call in your order. 817-430-3651

Windows and Windshields are manufactured from high optic quality acrylics. These are available in clear, green, and solar grey tints. For ease of installation, they are trimmed to OEM specifications. All FAA/PMA approved parts are shipped with the FAA/PMA approval tag attached and each tag has the complete approved applicability listed.