Piper Twin Comanche PA-30 & PA-39 Piper Wing Root, Fillet Fairing Set (60-30WR-18D)

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Product Number: 60-30WR-18D

Piper Wing Root, Fillet Fairings

The Comanche wing root fairing originally conceived by Piper for the sleek Comanche 400. It will add 2 mph in cruise speed as well as 50 ft/min in climb. Low speed handling is also noticeably improved. 

Increase cruise speed reducing interference drag at the wing to fuselage intersection. By smoothing the sharp junction at the leading edge of the wing, where it meets the fuselage, drag is reduced and the air over the wing is cleaner. Climb and handling are also noticeably improved and stabilator authority is improved in the flare. These fiberglass, white gel-coat finished parts are easily installed using rivnuts and screws. All attachments can be accomplished from the outside of the aircraft. 

The kit comes with all of the parts necessary to install them and is fully STC'd

Material: Fiberglass

FAA-PMA-STC approved:  Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA516GL

Eligible Aircraft: Piper PA-30, PA-39 

Note: Sold as a SET: Kit includes a set of two fairings and hardware and with excellent installation instructions. EASA Validated