Piper Wing Tips (Hoerner High Performance)(Straight, Hershey Bar Wing)(Fiberglass)

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Product Number: 60-11051PR-18D 

Hoerner High Performance Wing Tips. Set of two. 

The wing tip for the Hershey bar Cherokee is a fabulous product for all straight wing Pipers. Since being approved by the FAA in 1963 it has been proven again and again to meet or exceed the claims attached to it. All of our claims come from pilots, NOT from our own testing. We have always felt that the greatest critic is the one who has paid money; not one that has been hired.

With the growing interest in aerodynamics the aviation community has emulated our pioneering use of the Hoerner style wing tip.

The most notable example is the use of a similar tip that was adopted as standard equipment from Piper aircraft on the later models PA28-180, 200, Seneca and all of the tapered wing series aircraft.

Our tips installed on your aircraft will:
• Increase cruise 2-3 mph.
• Increase rate of climb 60 ft./min.
• Increase stability with more positive aileron control.
• Decrease stall speed 4-5 mph.
• Decrease distance for take-off.

Our Hoerner-style wing tips are constructed of hand-laid polyester resin fiberglass as are all of our products. They come with a white gel-coat, which serves as the prime coat for painting. Though the finish on our tips often looks like paint we recommend that you paint them. The gel-coat acts as a white bottom coat, which helps minimize bleeding through as in the case of a grey base coat.

Approval Basis: Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA880WE
Material: Fiberglass, 
Finish: White primer, ready to paint,   

 Aircraft Eligibility: PA28-140, -150, -160, -180

 PA28R-180, -200                        

Link to :"The Story Behind the Hoerner Style Wing Tip Design"